Friday, September 5, 2014

From K320i to NEX - A journey of passion

I was texting my friend Kumutha (kumsk, kumsk). She was asking me about an incident that happened in Jan 2011 between us. During those days I used to lust for DSLR cameras. Getting it used to be a dream. For those who are wondering how I did photography back then, it was with my mobile phone "Sony Ericsson K320i"

So, this is how the conversation with Kums went like:
"Did you really not know how to use a DSLR or pretended as if you didnt?"

"No. Honestly I didn't know anything about DSLR"
"Then how come the interest in photography back then?"
"I used to shoot with my mobile phone"

The moment I said Mobile phone, the little phone Sony Ericsson k320i came in front of me. I got so emotional!

"Kums, enakku DSLR ellam Saami Maari!" (DSLR is like God to me). Though calling it God is too dramatized, that is what I said. I was so emotional. The entire journey in the last few years came in front of me. I didn't know anything about photography. All I knew is I like to take photos.  Stebin and I used to go to the used books market in Ukkadam just to see some beautiful photographs in magazines.

No. We never buy. We just wait there and finish skimming. And we find the same book next time too, if need be.

The interesting feature of k320i is it has a Camera! Yes, it has a camera! And that is all that mattered. 0.3 MP VGA camera and it can take photos. That is all I wanted back then. Those were the days when I used to shoot anything and everything around and used to believe that I am very artistic. Then came the World of Artistry - Picasa. Stebin and I used to process the heck out of the photos. It was probably the only thing we did properly during college days. Then I got introduced to aspiring model Shyam who was crazy about posing for photos. He was good at post processing as well. It was very inspirational. Life moved on. Money used to be a huge constraint. Yet I manged to get cameras from friends and relatives and keep taking photos (Although I still regret not having a copy of those photos).

Years later I lost the artistic touch. Though it didn't die, I didn't spend enough time for it. In mid 2013, I had an extremely bad health condition when nobody was sure if I would get out of bed and walk or be like that forever (Story on that some other time). With so much difficulty and the little will power that I had, I managed to get out of that situation. My brother wholeheartedly gave his camera to me and said, 'Get back!' That 's when the hobby restarted and is now a passion.

So, with all this story off late, an idea popped up. Why not I help the struggling artists whose constraint is money and money only? Because I had the same constraint and I had some friends who are very talented and all that they lacked was money.

Today, I made a decision to do a free portfolio for aspiring male/female actors and models whose only constraint is money that stops them from pursuing their dream, when I am a recognized photographer!

I post my daily photos on flickr, here
Feel free to contact me on facebook.

I would like to thank all my friends (you know who you are) for helping me get this far. Also to the facebook group Bangalore Photowalk and Snaptors that kept me busy all weekends and helped in the technical aspects of phototgraphy. Also to my family for whatever they are doing so far.

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