Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to become a Rocket Scientist?

There is this website called That's the place where I was stuck all these days, not finding time to post anything on this space. I'm not complaining. Facebook is really a very good concept. It's a phenomenon. I had the opportunity to get in touch with almost all the long gone friends. Last week, I received a friend request from one of my school friends who was studying with me from first standard till 8th Standard. Well, till the end of first term in 9th standard, to be precise.

I do not know when we actually started speaking to each other at school. But then, when we were in 4th or 5th Standard we were close buddies because of one thing that we had in common - WWF.

Every Friday, the talk in the class would be about the main event in WWF that we watched last evening. No matter we had Mid-Term Tests (It was called Unit Test, for us) or exams, we still watched it, never missing a single episode. While I was a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sharath was that of The Rock. We used to do this "If you smelllllll.... What the Rock is Cooking!" standing on the bench and holding a 'virtual' microphone on the hand, in the classroom.

Then we entered the Teens.

VIII B, first Row (First Column, actually. They called it Row back then) Second Bench,  English Period.

There was a Poetry Recitation going on. Yes, you are right! Recited by the class Princess who is the pet to every teacher. So, obviously we tried to play the spoilsport. Sharath started making this Buzzing sound with his mouth closed. I started Buzzing too. Then we waited for a second, looked at each other, nodded our heads and started playing our composition together. When the teacher had a doubt, we cut the noise abruptly. This was going on as a cycle for three times. The fourth time, the teacher caught me giggling and I was sent out of the class!

We were a notorious gang back then. We had done enough mischief to cherish for a lifetime. Right from playing cricket to breaking the windows of a house, just for the sake of a small bet, everything was so much fun! Sharath was this perfect teen boy who breaks the street lamps with just one attempt with great accuracy. He rarely misses his target.

I remember an incident that happened during the first term in 9th standard. It was a free period. For those of you who do not know what a free period is, it is a classroom session where the teacher comes to the class and sits without doing any work. There are different types of free periods. Oh wait! This is out of our syllabus. Let me get back to the incident!

I and Sharath were sitting together in the last bench. My friend created paper rockets and we were discussing upon the targets. We chose the boys in the first bench as our target. My friend, known for his accuracy flew the rocket to each one of the boys, one after the other. It landed on their heads, as planned. The first bench boys threw the rocket back to us. To my bad luck, all of them landed on me. I got furious and threw one of the rockets back to them.

But... it landed on on our teacher's well made hair bun!

Today I spoke to Sharath:

"Hey dude.. How are you man?"
"I'm fine da. How about you?"
"I'm good. Very long time isn't it? What do you do these days? Where and what did you study?"
"I graduated with Masters degree in Physics. Currently I'm a research fellow in ISRO... Rocket Science!"

And... we both laughed!


Muzafir said...

lol..nice one..interesting :)
and made me to go to my school days :)
and the rock began to cook his foood !! :)))))))))

Kums K said...

haha.. aasif ji.. i love the post.. i laughed, i smiled, had my own memories.. :D

Divya MG said...

Good Start Again...All the best.

Ajoy said...

Made me remember our college days. You remember dude , someone threw a rocket, which landed on Mary Praveena mam I guess.... and this time U and me were in the first bench :p

Nice post... Keep blogging Aasif

S. SAI SMRITHI said...

unforgettable school life and that was a hearty memory :)really a good one

Vigneash said...

Well, it took me back to my classroom memoirs. But, I couldn't really recall this Sharath guy. Btw, who was that class-princess? :P

hajasherief said...

very nice to hear ! insha allah in future sharath had a chance to launch a rocket means it should sky not on that teacher's hair bun AGAIN !

Ashmur said...

CriaTVT is back and how! Been missing these posts for quite awhile. Humour is your forte and you are proving it again here :-) By the way, i'm very curious to know what happened to the rocket that landed in your teacher's hair bun? ;-)

CriA'TVT' said...

@All: Thank you so much. Glad that you enjoyed and took you to the school days :)

@Ajoy: At College, the rocket landed on my place. When I tried to hide, Ma'm saw it :D And it was Kousalya Ma'm :)

@Vigneash: Sharath is a fictitious name. And the princess.. Well, every class has one ;)

@Ashmur: Thanks dude. That story... Adutha padathula solraen ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved evrything.except the climax where u mentioned that you laughed with him... ;) wish to read a novel based on school days.wish u gud luck