Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Money Does Matter

Disclaimer: This story is original and purely a work of my imagination. Resemblance to any person, name, location or personal experience is purely coincidental. No content of this story is intended to hurt anyone’s beliefs or emotions.

“Appa… I’m going to the RTO office to apply for LLR.”
“ Dae… Take some extra cash with you. You’ll need it.”
“ It’s okay pa. Doesn’t matter. I have 200. More than enough.”

Ashok left to the bus stop to board a bus to the transport office. He just wrote his 12th standard examination and was waiting for the results. Instead of dying out of boredom at home, he thought of practicing driving and obtain a driving license before he joins college. It was a busy Monday morning in the Regional Transport Office. There were people queuing up the stall to buy various application forms. After a long wait, Ashok finally bought the LLR application form and went near the lawn so that he could sit comfortably and fill the form.

He carefully filled in the application form. He took his old bus pass from his wallet to verify if he’d written the appropriate address. He verified it twice and was almost done with the application form. He took his eyes off the paper and his gaze fell on a girl…the girl…the girl of his dreams. Slim, fair, beautiful! She had sparkling eyes that could make him write a million poems. Ashok was looking at her with awe.

She was sitting on the lawn. She wore a black trouser and a white kurti. The neck of the kurti was meticulously embellished with beautiful craft work, adding beauty to beauty. Her soft slender neck was carrying a thin gold chain, which she would caress with her lips then and there. She kept her montex ball-pen on her lips after filling up each blank on the application form. Ashok wished he were that pen. On every single move of her pink lips, Ashok experienced a cool breeze on his face. A strand of her hair kept falling on her face and she would slowly place them behind her ear. Ashok never believed in ‘love at first sight’ until he saw her.

 “I’m on Earth just to lead the rest of my life with this angel” thought Ashok.

Ashok closed his eyes and started praying.

Dear Mr. Pillayar,
I haven’t prayed anything sincerely since childhood. Nor have I offered anything to you for lighting my life with success and happiness. I’m so obsessed with this girl since the moment I saw her. She is the best girl you’ve ever sent to Earth. She is so beautiful.
Today, I have a sincere prayer for the first time in my life. I want that girl to come to me and talk. Just for a moment, today. If this happens, I would dedicate 108 coconuts to you, tomorrow. Promise!”

He opened his eyes. The girl was walking towards him. He couldn’t believe that it was happening. He pinched himself…yes it was happening in real.

“Yes!! She is walking towards me. This is going to be the happiest moment in my life!” Ashok said to himself.

“Perfect for my height.” He thought.

“Thank you Pillayarappa!”

 She came close to him.

“Excuse me?”
“Anna! Ainooru(500) roobaiku change irukuma?”