Friday, January 15, 2010

The Most Addictive Morphine

The much awaited drug is finally out in town. Researchers have found out that this would be the most opted drug of the year 2010. So far, many people across the globe experienced the essence of the promotional product. The makers of the drug had finally decided to release their product officially and the government has given them a green signal due to its increasing demands not only amongst the youth, but also among the elder ones. Researchers have predicted that if its usage goes at this rate, in a week’s time, even the kids would be consuming it heavily on everyday basis. A group of people protested against the legalisation of this drug. However, when they were fed with a pinch of it, they literally gave up and started a campaign in favour of it.

“I experimented with these ingredients for the past few years. It allured me. I finally made up my mind to go ahead and prepare the drug. We’ve worked really hard on this. I hope the people like it,” humbly says the Chief Chemical Engineer in spite of having wonderful feedback on the promotional release of one of the products. The package is named as Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. There are basically 7 products. The product named Hosaana is already very famous among everyone.

Folks! I was really waiting for the official release. I’m literally crazy about all the 7 products launched. But, I’m addicted to one product called Aaromale. The ingredients were mostly metal and soft rock which is my all time favourite. A new catalyst has been used here. This is the most addictive drug I’ve ever consumed. Though it’s an Indian product, it has much better essence than a foreign morphine. I think most of you would get addicted to 'Mannipaaya' and the title product. Yeah! It is a known fact that this Chemical Engineer’s product is accepted worldwide and is critically acclaimed. Not to forget the two international awards bagged by him. This is the first product which he has made for our requirements after receiving the awards.

Like always, the package is made for a roller-coaster ride.

“The ride is almost ready. Additional patch up works are left. Hopefully, the ride will be ready within a month’s time. It’s my dream to work with this Chemical Engineer. It has come true now. I hope the riders get the experience of lifetime,” says the Chief Engineer of this project.

The package is available in stores now. Buy it and experience life in heaven. Let’s see how the morphine and the roller-coaster have a combined effect... SOON!

P.S. No offense intended on anybody or anything indirectly or directly.

P^2.S. Buy original CDs and watch the movie in theatres :)




Deepak said...

Hope u saw the audio launch of this movie in kalaignar tv... That Hossana song is fantastic... But not all the songs are up to the mark...(my opinion) Hmmm lets wait and see.. sometimes A.R's tune will rise after the video is launched... :)

CriA'TVT' said...

Oh yeah! How will I miss it? This genre is new to the Tamil song lovers. I bet you'll love all the songs in due course of time. After all drugs take significant time to influence people :-P

Ashmur said...

Am looking forward to hearing them :)

Arumugham S. said...

Hey good work man. U r criaTV