Sunday, December 27, 2009

Avatar 2010

I have to tell you about the most influential movie which I watched recently. Yes! AVATAR! The movie about which the whole of earth is talking.

You must've read and watched a lot of reviews about the movie. The amount of technology and visual effects involved in the film is tremendous and the 3D effect takes you into pandora. Usually, in any Alien Vs Humans kind of movie, the aliens are always considered as villains while this movie shows it the other way.

I don't wish to get deep into the storyline of the movie. Even if I do, believe me, it's not going to reduce the thrill for the people who haven't watched the movie yet. There is a moon called 'Pandora' where there are living creatures resembling the humans(in certain characteristics) and they are called the Na'vis. Humans try to invade Pandora.

What makes it different from the other fantasy movies?

I correlated the Na'vis with the tribal human beings of the ancient civilisations. The Na'vis believed that there is a link between all the living organisms in their world and that that is their responsibility to preserve and protect. This was the case with most of the earlier civilizations. I would like to share one scene of the movie where the male lead hunts a prey and then the female lead tells a prayer verse that the Eywa(their Almighty) would take care of the prey after its death. This kind of belief is still prevalent among human beings even now. Yes! It is still being practiced in Islam every time they kill an animal for food.

Bondage with other living beings

Most of you might've known about this. Naturalists say that the growth of a plant is better when we talk to it. It was an Indian who discovered that plants too had life. Dr.Jagdeesh Chandra Basu.

I definitely appreciate Mr. James Cameron for his intensive research for this film and ending up in a masterpiece like this. Hats-off Sir. I am your biggest fan now. I wish I were a Na’vi :(

My Perception on AVATAR

I don't mind repeating the golden words... This is the most influential Hollywood film I've ever watched. This movie made me think about a million things. Firstly, The Copenhagen Summit. 'If people are not of your kind, do not bias them. Master-slave technique should never be applied in this case.'

The movie portrays the ignorance of the human creed. I personally feel that we were sent to earth by god to preserve the ecology. We didn't give importance to nature as much as we gave to the development of destructive technology. We went against the law of nature in all aspects. We don't love our nature anymore.
There are a lot more issues pertaining to this.

How do we fulfill the wishes of the Supreme Power?
There is no way that we can fulfill his wishes. Everything is out of our hands. But, we must take some steps in a best possible way to preserve nature for a few more centuries at least.

Avoid plastics.
Use public vehicles as much as possible.
Plant trees.

One can keep on adding points to this list. Why not take a resolution for new year as ‘I will try to preserve mother Nature in the best possible way’ ??

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. My next post would be in 2010 only. Until then, BYE.

P.S. I have just given my perceptions. There might many facts and figures pertaining to this. I welcome all for a discussion in the comment forum.

P.P.S After having done so much of analysis and research on a movie, I think I deserve to work for Mr. Cameron. Don't you? :D