Monday, November 30, 2009


Sometimes you act weird. You loose all your patience you’ve fuelled your mind with. You feel like screaming in the 8th octave. You feel like taking a sledge hammer (as if it’s readily available in your room) and hit everything you see around with all the strength you have. I was in this state of mind for the past two days for no reason. The feeling was irresistible. It almost corrupted all the ‘positive-thinking’ cells of my brain. I stopped talking. I stopped listening. This god-damned feeling started ruling me. ‘The hawk which was always ready for adventure and challenges wanted to get inside the egg shell where it came from.’

Silence aggravated the multiplication of this crackpot virus on both the hemispheres of my brain. Yet, I could listen to Mr. Conscience, who was talking to me like an old man on death bed. He told me to take a stroll. May be, he thought natural light might kill these viruses. I switched over to jeans and t-shirt from my pajamas. I finally came out of my house. I couldn’t see anybody on the streets or I should say I didn’t wish to see anybody on the street because I was scared that I would simply go and beat them up. I was walking in the street with clenched fists. It was almost an evenfall. I kept walking around my nagar. In the last street I met a chap. He seemed to be around six years of age. He had a brown complexion and long ears. His face was protruding and he kept screaming at me in a language absolutely unknown to me.

I closed my eyes for about 7 seconds and then opened it to find that he had four legs. DAMN! That brown chap was a street dog barking at me continuously.

‘Dude!! You’re adding oil to fire!!’

I became so furious. It was no good for the brown chap. I went close to him. Someone had torn the page containing the word fear from my dictionary.

‘You wanna bite me huh? Come on!!’
( I believe in 'Barking dogs seldom bite' theory.)

I went further closer. He started showing his teeth. Now, the crackpot cells took it as an insult. They made me look for a weapon to attack this chap. I found a log of wood near the gutter. I took that and started heading towards the dog furiously. He was about to jump over me…


I hit him on his neck with the wood. He didn’t give up. He came back. I gave him a blow on his face that he started bleeding very badly. Blood started dripping from his mouth mixed with saliva!It was very ugly.

I became more eccentric, enjoying the pleasure of acting violent. I took the log in my left hand and started walking swiftly. It was dark and all the street lamps were lit up. I saw a black Santro facing me at the end of the street. It was a brand new car and a man was locking and unlocking the car with the remote. I screamed almost in the 8th octave trying to damage the car’s glass builds- the way Michael screams in ‘Black or White’ video. It works only for him. I ran to the car and with the log I hit the car’s windows. I got on top of the bonnet and slammed the front window with a scream. The noise of the breaking glasses rocked the entire locality. I turned the windows of the car into a cobweb. I climbed up to the roof of the car and broke the rear window.

Horns were blowing loud and I could hear a man talking.

Gosh!! I was in the middle of the road in my street and a Maruti 800 was in front of me. The driver was scolding me very badly. I went to the driver and gave him a sheepish smile and left the place.

I realised that that was a horrible imagination. I kept walking with a million thoughts on my mind. I reached the last street of my nagar.

There was a brown dog and I could see a black Santro at the end of the street.


ABHI said...

cry of the evil!!!

Sebin Jose said...

Hilarious! crack comedy eh:D

Ashmur said...


suganya said...

ha..ha..!!! had a great time visualizing the scenes with Mr.hawk Vs 6yr old brown chap..!!

Ashwin said...

lol wat hav yu been thro bro ? :S

Namashivayam said...

i hope that ur ESP levels are high !

CriA'TVT' said...

Yeah yeah! ESP levels are so high that I envisioned Obama as a Nobel Prize winner 7 months ago itself :D

binu said...

interesting post!! good work!!