Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keiser Bhagat

Most of my school friends know that my affinity towards reading novels is 0 eV/page. As I grew up, things changed and thats another complicated story. Now, I really do read books. Last night I was sitting with this novel called 2 states written by our very own Chetan. I'm having my examinations all through this week. I had Optical Communication the next day, the only subject of this semester where I could score an above-average mark. Not because it is my area of interest or I studied so hard or whatever bla bla... but because my mam's evaluation was liberal.

This morning I woke up so early. It was 5.30 am. I took this book called 'Optical Communication' authored by Gerd Keiser (not mine). With a forceful effort from Mr.Conscience I turned to page number 506. There was something called solitons. Some scientist had analysed this while he was watching the wave patterns of a river. Why are these scientists such geeks? If I had been near a river I would start a photography session or think of a beautiful a girl and go for boating. I would have the romantic chapter of my life. We'll go to the bank of the river on which a restaurant would be situated. I'll look into her eyes, she'll look into mine. I would look at her lips, she would look at mine. I would...

Alright! Back to Keiser.

This bored me to the core. I scanned through the pages to reach 'EDFA' which is an abbreviated form for Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier(YAWNS!). It was 6 a.m and I had no choice but to learn that at least. Suddenly a red & black colored thing in my cupboard attracted my partially opened eyes. These are my favorite colors and so I took the pain to open my eyes and reached for that thing. Ha... It was '2 States'. I knew where I stopped and continued reading the book with great interest, keeping it within the pillow type Keiser's book.

My mom was surprised to see me awake since 5.30am. And extra-surprised and glad that I'd been learning. She came with a cup of horlicks(Yeah! I'm trying to be stronger, sharper and taller) just to know that she was wrong.
She snatched the book-
'What if Dad had seen it?
Is this how you study?
This is why you never score high marks.'

It didn't irritate me. It was funny rather, to experience such kiddish stuff after turning 21.

'I wish I had experienced this in my school days.' I thought.

P.S. I'm gonna try it tomorrow morning too.