Saturday, August 29, 2009

Raghoopathy's Letter

August 29, 2009

Dear Mike,
I’d been waiting all these years to see your live performance. When you came to India a few years ago, I wasn’t lucky enough to get the tickets for the show. I was so young that I didn’t even know that one has to book the tickets much earlier before the BIG DAY. I remember watching the news with my dad when you were featured on television channels...

‘Michael Jackson comes to Mumbai for a live performance.’
‘The King of pop comes to India!’
‘A pleasant surprise for all MJ fans across Asia!’

I asked daddy, ‘shall we watch Michael Jackson, live?
No Raghoo. Mumbai is a faraway place.
But it is India.
Yes, dear. But the tickets are sold out.
You are lying. The show is scheduled for next week only. The tickets would be available.

Those were the days, Mike. Whenever I wore my favorite Black & White dress, my dad used to refer to the ‘Thriller’ album cover and used to say that I look like you. That’s how I got to know about you Mike. Since then, I became your fan.

When I knew I couldn’t watch you live, I cried the whole night. I saw you with your trademark clothing in the news next week. My next plan was to get that type of clothing. But, couldn’t fulfill that wish:( Later, there were many stories in the regional language magazines of my country where the fans had shared their experiences of how they made their way to the show. My neighbor told me about Prabhu Deva(We call him the MJ of South-India) who struggled all the way and finally met you.

I really did enjoy that scary video of ‘Thriller’. My favorite video of yours was that legendary performance of ‘Billie Jean’. I was unaware about technology and stuffs back then.Today, when I see the same videos, I admire your efficiency. Your creativity. Your Imagination. You weren’t just a singer, just a dancer. You were an epitome of PERFORMANCE. I learned what dedication is… What commitment is… What involvement is…

You’ve always dedicated yourself for charity work. I really adore you for the song ‘Heal the World’ which is a great initiative for making our world a better place to live in. I still can’t figure out how a single man can do so many things- writing, composing, singing, dancing, sound programming, directing videos… My God!!!

Though I lost my left leg in an accident, I still try to dance like you with my artificial leg. Life is really challenging Mike. Your songs have always inspired me. Whenever I feel lonely, I listen to ‘You are not alone’ and I’m listening to it right now! One day I will be like you. And the world will call me the ‘Prince of Pop’.

On this beautiful day, I extend my heartiest wishes and prayers for you. May you be guarded with all the good spirits. Wishing you happiness forever…

YOU ARE 51 :)


P.S. If you aren't a Michael Jackson fan yet, you'll become one after watching these videos!
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Ashmur said...

I echo Raghoo's sentiments on Mikey. Happy B'day Jacko ,wherever u are now. You may not be with us today but ur music will live on forever!!

Ajoy said...

Good Thinking, Good Timing, Good Narration, Keep Blogging.

Namashivayam said...

yo Raghoo!yo Mikey!

Deepak said...

I think mike would have felt really great if he had read this .... :)He missed one of the best letter from his fans....

Julie Magers Soulen said...

That is a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy you enjoyed my reflection photograph.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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