Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching Game Beta

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’d been busy visiting my friends in Ooty & Palakkad. I & stebin celebrated my sixth semester results at Café Coffee Day in R.S.Puram. I did some portrait photography here and there. Many other things did happen as well-both pleasant and obnoxious, from MJ’s sudden shift of residence from Neverland to Heaven to the surprise packed second sunday of this month where I was honored with The Best Student Award from 'Zoom' a private concern. I watched a few movies among which an animation film 'The road to El dorado' impressed me for it's screenplay and good spanish music. For the past two days I’d been thinking about an interesting incident which happened in my life. This post is all about that.

Whatever you learn in your childhood will definitely be helping you in some or the other way in your life- right from the fundamental arithmetic calculations to your behavior. I’m sure that all of us would’ve played 'Catching game', 'Hide n’ seek', 'lock & key' etc. in our childhood. I cherish all those lovely memories. Apart from these games I used to play many adventurous games like ‘Caves’, ‘Jurassic Park’(not computer games) and a lot more. They weren’t just games. They were totally a different world. How these adventurous games helped in my life?

Here is an interesting incident from my life which reminded me about the childhood games.

“It was the alluring month of July. One of our very close family friends had invited us for their daughter’s wedding which was to happen that month. One fine evening we (my family) all decided to do some shopping for the bride. We all were clear with the idea of buying a designer saree for the young bride. We went to Sridevi Textiles in Gandhipuram. It took us only two hours and thirty minutes to finalize the saree. It’s hard for the women to decide a saree in such a short period. In fact, I told my mom that she deserves a place in the limca book of records.

The saree was of chocolate brown color which had wonderful glass work in the pallu. It also had some embossed art work. The way it was glittering in the white light was simply awesome. It really did impress all of us.

Fact: The amount of attraction of a designer saree is always directly proportional to its cost.

The saree was priced at 10k. We all made up our mind and finally bought that bespangled lulu.

We were on our way to Gandhipuram town bus stand. I was holding the bag with the saree in my hands. Later, I handed over that bag to my mom and took the heavy bag from her which had some grocery items. We got into bus no.111 to reach our home in Kavundampalayam. Since it was a weekend evening, the bus was too crowded. I somehow managed to find a place to stand. We finally reached Kavundampalayam with great difficulty. I got down from the bus with a sigh of relief.

My mom asked me, ‘Where’s the other bag?’
‘I gave it to you. Don’t you remember?’

She’d left the bag in the bus and the bus had left the place!

Mom’s face had turned pale. So pale, that I could see her veins on her face. Dad was shattered. Earning 10 thousand bucks is not a joke. My parents’ eyes indicated their excruciating mental pain. My reflexes were lightening fast that I started running behind the bus like crazy. If I had done this for the school athletic team selection when I was 13, I would’ve been an athlete of international fame by now. I was speeding on that congested highway. I could see only the bus and think only my mom’s face. I was so determined to get the bag back.

A generous man who was on the wheels of an EICHER goods carrier vehicle, stopped by.

Thambi yaeru paa...

Without any second thought I got into the vehicle. I explained him everything. He said that it is possible to get to the next stop and get my things. Dad rang up to me. I told him that I got into a vehicle and assured him that I will get back home with the bag. This made my dad pretty confident. Though I sounded confident to my dad, deep inside I’d been analyzing the worst cases as well.

What if someone had taken the bag away?

And even worse- ‘What if the conductor thinks that I’m a thief?

But still, I didn’t lose my determination. At last, Mr. Generous overtook the bus, stopped his vehicle in front of the bus which in turn stopped the bus.
I got down from the vehicle walked two yards, turned to Mr. Generous gave a respectful salute with my right hand and a heartfelt thanks through my eyes. He did understand that and replied as well. I got into the bus, took my bag and called my dad… ‘Daddy, I got it back!

I walked all the way and reached my home just to see my elated parents. The pale face of mom was now depicting delight. I received great appreciations from my dad and my bro.

Once again, our hero saved the day and they all lived happily ever after;)


Deepak said...

u got "The Best student" award?congrats man....
"our" hero is too smart in this incident!!:)

Rahulan said...

errrrr..... were u in a hurry to finish the blog buddy?.... sorry man... but negative to u for not building up tension in the chase scene... u could have stretched this story much much longer...... y dont u try again... finer details is wat finally paints mental picture of the story so use more colours......u get the metaphor.... rite?

Ashwin said...

congrats fr ta award bro....n yea all ended well(esp fr yr mom) - tanx to her hero :D :D lol!!

Ajoy said...

Man, to be frank, I just skimmed thro ur previous two posts, but this one made me travel with you. I read this fully :):)
Congrats Best Student , waiting for the treat:)

Ashmur said...

that was cooooool dude!! also i think u deserve an award.. no, not for ur bus chasing, bag fetching heroics.. but for the way u describe the finer aspects of a saree..hee.heee. i cant remember any male remembering anything more than the colour of a saree ;).. just kidding:) Anyway, that was a cool post man. Keep it up!

suganya said... really happened to u eh..?? u really did all those heroics stuffs..!!!? kalakkara...!
and about ur blog.. it was really interesting...! but u cud have elaborated on the chase scene yaar..!Anyways..nice work...and double congratulations dude..!

CriA'TVT' said...

@Deepak : Yeah man! Thanks!

@ Rahulan : I can very well make a feature film out of this incident. My objective was to share things in a short & sweet way. However, I'll keep your suggestions in my mind. Thank you:)

@ Ashwin: THanks bro!

@Ajoy: Finally you read my work huh? Thank you. Happy blogging:)

@Ashmur: Thats the difference between a prince and a soldier ;) Thanks man!

@Suganya: Of course yes! I didn't wish to make a huge story thats the reason for my brief description about the chase! Thank you:)

ABHI said...

machan!!!!!!!super da!!!!!doing gr8 da...


steinslavinsky said...

ya,u cud have added some more stuffs to the chase scene,but this is more than enough ,as there are many people over here who are not having patience enough to read a lengthy stuff,,,this much is enough and well narrated...

too late comment,still...