Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CHICK LINE...A journey!: Part 2

Hello everyone! Thanks for all your responses for my previous post and here I am with the continuation of the journey. I strongly recommend the new readers to read the previous post since this is its sequel.

“With my favorite red & black travel bag on my shoulders, I opened the compartment’s door. It gave me almost the feeling which I experience all the time when I cross The Nilgiris border on the Metupalayam–Ooty highway. The cool breeze from inside kissed me. There was a paradigm shift in the temperature. Well, it didn’t have the natural fragrance and feel. However, it felt good after a tiresome 3 hours!

We entered the cabin. It was like a Marriage hall on the eve of the marriage. Things scattered everywhere, Bed-spreads unfolded, everything out of place. It was a total mess. This is the first time I’m boarding a ‘long-journey’ train. India is a diverse country. And our cabin depicted it practically. There were people from various parts of our country. Some were speaking in Hindi, some others in Malayalam, Tulu, Gujarati and many other languages unknown to me. It felt good to see different kinds of people interacting with each other. There were two beautiful kids on our seats. A north-Indian woman near our seat smiled at us, whom we assumed to be the kids’ mother and our assumption was correct. She enquired us about our destination and stuffs like that and after few moments, we started minding our own businesses.

She had just had a haircut. Her waist-length hair was now a few inches below her shoulders. I liked her with long hair, but she never listened to me. Anyway, her hair still looked nice. She wore a white linen top and a flowing lavender skirt. She had on a thin silver necklace, with the world’s tiniest diamond pendant hanging from it.’ I was just reading the book which I had in my bag, One night @ the call center. A full-figured man came into our cabin. He was in his mid-forties who happened to be the kids’ dad... or I can put it in this way too- The good-looking woman's husband. He started speaking to us. We had a casual talk and told him that we belong to Ooty. The man was like “wow!” He said that he had been to our place when he was at college. We started interacting. He was talking about Botanical Garden, Lovedale, Lawrance School and when I was about to yawn, to my astonishment he spoke about Hindustan Photo Films company. I closed my mouth and started listening about his Industrial visit to HPF in the 1970s. The problem with the 20year olds is that they cannot hear old men speak for a long time. Iwaited for him to stop and once he did, I said, ‘we are on our way to Calicut for JAI HO!-Rahman live in concert.’

Everyone was looking at us as if we’ve signed a contract with A.R.Rahman for making an album. I felt as if I was on top of the world when they all admired at us. They are all J about us, I thought. I was keen in knowing what this Nagpuri business man is going to talk about the musical genius. To my amazement, he was good in this too. He said, ‘Sivamani will not make it to the show as he is in South Africa now’ which was indeed a fact. We discussed about Tamilnadu, Tamil Films, Mani Ratnam, cinematography, politics and lots.

Mere paet me choohey kabaddi khelne lage! I was very hungry. So, we both started having our lunch. There was a young girl in our cabin who looked 19 years old. Our Nagpuri started interacting with her as well. I was eavesdropping… Well, not exactly eavesdropping. The conversation was quite loud that it was audible to everyone near by. The girl happened to be physiotherapy student. The man started talking about that subject as well. All this made me to compare us with the people from the north. No matter where they are, they are well informed about the global issues. Something which we all must learn, I thought.

Amidst all this, the tension was still there. Our plan was to reach Kozhikode atleast by 4 o’ clock and it was already 3:45pm. I wished there were Vijaykanth and Spiderman in my train so that they could take us to our destination in the desired time.

Bhai saab, what’s the next stop?


I was like, WHAT??????

How many minutes will it take to reach?

‘It almost reached!

It was 4:25pm and we reached Kozhikode. “God, did you really sent Vijaykanth???” I was so glad that we reached our destination. I just got out of the train and had an instinct that something was wrong. I opened my bag and saw. My god!!! My book was missing!! It happens to be one of my birthday gifts and I desperately needed it. I got into the train again and reached my seat. The book was missing there too. God! What am I to do now? I checked all the possible places with haste.

‘Aasif, how can you be so careless?’

‘How can you miss something in a train?’

‘What else have you left?’

Mr. Conscience was howling.

I did another quick check with patience and finally found it in my place near the pillow. Like a hero, I got down from the running train(actually it just started to move). With a sigh of relief, we headed outside the Railway Station.

Kerala is really an awesome place. Environment friendly. Green, green everywhere. You can always feel at home. I guess that’s why god visited here and hence the name-God’s own Country. Unlike Tamilnadu, people opted for auto-rickshaws to town buses. Autos were flooding in front of us but none were ready to take us to our destination as there was road block. One person agreed to take us through a shortcut. We headed to my brother’s friend’s house, refreshed ourselves and headed towards the corporate stadium. And finally we reached the venue. The entire road was crowded with people. Many men were desperately in search of tickets. One of them came to us and asked if we have any extra tickets and we gave a negative answer. He just showed us his cell-phone. ‘Idea’ cellular service providers had turned the tower name to ‘JAI HO.’ I was astonished. We headed towards the entrance, cleared the metal detector test. I was wondering why there wasn't an alcohol test. Whatever. I didn't drink and I really don't(I swear, no lie!).Finally, we were inside the stadium.

Endrendrum… dandan… Endrendrum punnagai! Mudivilla punnagai!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

CHICK LINE... A journey!

“It is not very often that you stay awake all night long just because you are elated. I did so many strange things out of excitement on that day. May 3rd 2009… I knew it is going to be one of the happiest days in my life. It is something like ‘a dream came true!’ Ever since my childhood I’d been exposed to a lot of music. It is indeed an inseparable part of mine. And that day, I had the golden opportunity of watching my childhood ‘Music Hero’ live in concert. Well, I’m talking about a celebrity, who is now a national treasure! People call him the ‘Mozart of Madras’! Yeah … I had the opportunity to watch A.R.Rahman’s JAI HO live in concert at Kozhikode!!!!!!

The concert was to commence by 7 pm. The gates of The Corporate Stadium (the venue) would be open by 4.30 pm. I ought to be there at least by 4 pm as the seat allotment was on ‘first come, first serve’ basis. I got out of my bed by 6’o clock (too early on a holiday). We had booked the tickets in Jammu Tawi- Mangalore express, which would reach Coimbatore junction by 10’o clock and it’ll take only 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Kozhikode from here. I and my brother were all set for the journey. I took a portable MP3 player and a book in my luggage to stay out of boredom in the course of the travel. We reached the railway station by 09:45 hours and then we heard this-“ Troing! troing! Payanigalin kanivana gavanathirku…”. Yeah guys, the train was delayed! Not just 30 minutes or 45 minutes but 2 hours i.e., 60X2=120 minutes!! Indian Railways... I cursed Indian Railways!!!

Alright, what’s next?

There was a passenger express from Chennai to Mangalore going through Coimbatore and Kozhikode. It was expected to reach here by 11:00 hours.

“Cancel those tickets online, and board into this passenger express?”

“Board a bus to Kozhikode?”

We had pressures from my brother’s friends whose tickets were with us. I was cool though.. Well not totally cool!

This is the point of time I was proud about the Electronics engineers who built the ‘Information Kiosks’. We checked out the status of both the trains along with an 8 year old kid, who was interested in the touch-sensitive screen. The Chennai-Mangalore passenger express was expected to reach by 11:15 hours. However, it was a slow train and it takes about 6 hours from Coimbatore to reach Kozhikode. So, we thought it would be better to wait for the Jammu Tawi express itself.

I entered the S6 coach and placed my luggage under the seat. There she was! The girl of my dreams!! She had a wheatish white complexion and very beautiful brown eyes. She was wearing a white ‘girlie’ t-shirt. She was reading a book. I didn’t mind what that was! All I was looking was her beautiful eyes and the way she slid her gorgeous hair behind her right ear! Uff… I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She saw me… She saw me ‘admiring’ her! She gave a short smile thinking about me, to the book. She closed her book. She looked to her right and then to her left. She couldn’t stop smiling out of shyness. Finally, she directly looked into my face. ‘Aasif!! Listen…’ Someone shrugged me. That was my brother and I was still seated in platform No.2 waiting for the train. You see, such beautiful girls smiling at you, happens only in your dreams. They say day dreams never come true. WHATEVER!! It was already 12:00 hours. The announcement made a statement that our train is expected to reach by 13:30 hours!!

I somehow managed to kill time talking to that kid and amazingly our train reached Coimbatore by 12:55 hours itself. I got into the B1(AC) compartment and my conscience stayed near the door and waved hands, “ Yo people!! I’m gonna watch Rahman ji live in concert ( O..Saya.. as a Background music).”

Hi all. I hope you had a good time reading this. I will continue this journey in my forthcoming posts. Until then it’s bye from me!